The Intake of Outtakes


It's hard to imagine how leftover scraps can be turned into something so amazing.  OK, yes, sausage is fantastically delicious.  But often we tend to think of the items that hit the cutting room floor as unusable.  Not good enough.  Things to pass on.  Well, we feel it's time to scrap that idea.

At XPL we come into contact with a lot of communication companies.  We had the recent opportunity to meet the folks at Reflection Films.  Super nice people.  Now, we avoid pitches of companies in these blogs for obvious reasons.  But when we got Reflection's latest piece, it struck home immediately.  Our firm belief in leveraging psychology led us to (literally) smile when we saw this.

A collection of outtakes were strung together with one purpose: to make you smile.  The device? People smiling.  There's a lot of psychology behind the smile.  One thing we do know, they can often be infectious.  So below is a link to a little happiness, with a simple idea made from all the pieces that didn't quite fit.  Now they do.