[Technology Integration]

It's Not Killing Live events, it's driving them even more


A wise man once said, if you choose to be a dinosaur with technology, there's an asteroid with your name on it.  But what to make of every single breakthrough tech moment that seemingly.... went nowhere?  How do you even keep up, let alone ensure technology doesn't work against you?

Simple design.  Proper deployment.

You cannot replace the live experience with technology.  You should not distract from the live experience using technology.  You must match the right technology to the right audience.  Knowing what's out there prepares you for battle.  Selecting the right weapon is success in the battle.

  • Social media marketing strategies
  • High-level learning tools
  • Collaboration platforms
  • Thought provoking displays
  • Immersive and inspiring media

Don't fight the technology wave.  Leverage it to enhance the live experience.


INSPIRATION: see Local Projects' Design Museum Installation.