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Our Team

The XPL team is a motley group of pirates and scientists, dancers and storytellers, planners and dreamers.  We hire for passion and we hire for talent and we believe everyone who spends their time working for us possesses both in large quantities.  

Our clients have told us we are inventive, fun, thorough and, of course, passionate.  And that is what we love to hear.  Spending time with our clients, we want the experience to feel great - not just the event.  That if we could spend time outside of work together, we truly would!

Inside work, our team spends a lot of time pondering, exploring, challenging.  We love giving great ideas, but we also love absorbing them as well.  If you want to understand our team, simply understand what excites the inside of their heads.

If you want, you can also check out what our Big Cheese is up to in his spare time.