"We know we need an event..."


Do you?  There is no doubt that live events hold the greatest power to affect transformational change. At XPL, we always start with the same question - "Do you really need an event?"  If yes, we can then take you on a powerful journey.  It starts with an event audit, critically looking at your target audiences, your current experiential portfolio and the resources that support your efforts.  Clients needing help with event strategy often have the same questions:

Where do we start?  

What can we reasonably achieve?  

How much should we invest?  

What would it look like?   

How can we measure results?  

The goal of developing a formal event strategy is to move your efforts from simply anecdotal spending to targeted investing.  As with training or equipment or marketing, you should be able to monitor and measure your experiential efforts and adjust year over year to create events that transform. Does your current event partner allow you to do this?