We've all been there.  The resort pool.  When you are on the road and are on property producing a large-scale event, there's perhaps no better place than the pool at the resort to take the team and simply unwind after a 16-hour day.  And there is no better place to experience all that is the resort pool than in Orlando, Florida - home of pools.  And resorts. So there we were. Unwinding.

After about an hour, our technical director Bert came by.  Bert was an interesting man. Quirky.  Sort of in the way the oldies station DJ's are.  Limitless knowledge on obscure, almost useless topics.  A bit of social awkwardness.  But always the nicest guy in the room.  And he could call a great show.  Bert, with his towel around his neck and his palm tree trunks was ready to partake in the pool.

He was a bit up in age, so watching Bert attempt anything physical was a much anticipated adventure.  He had dared to ride the resort's Mega Waterslide and screamed like a banshee the entire way down. We could not stop laughing.  So when he announced he was going to take a quick dive into the pool, we all sat up a bit in our loungers and silently acknowledged to each other "this could be good."

The old 1970's concert shirt came off.  The toes lined along the edge of the massive sea of chemically enhanced water. One bend. Two bends. Third bend and LAUNCH! In. Splash. Swim. Arise. A perfectly executed dive. And twenty yards out, Bert emerged, his comb over gently dangling all to one side. We were disappointed.  Perfectly normal. Bert began regaling us (and everyone around us) with a story about his time swimming in the Boy Scouts from the center of the mega pool. And then suddenly, he stopped. Dead silent. He started feeling about his head with his hands frantically.

"Nooooooooooooooo!" he exclaimed.