We don't do things that "trend."  We don't do things that are "hot." Simply put: we do things that work.

What sets us apart from the vast majority of event companies is our tireless study of human psychology.  Human outcomes are our product as an industry.  You cannot excel in this space if you don't first understand human behavior at its core.  Becoming rabid students of humans is a must.  Providing thought leadership on this topic is what makes us better.  We want to push boundaries with our thinking - not just for us, but for the experiential industry as a whole.

What also sets us apart is that while we love to see our company do well, our main mission is the foundation upon which this company is based: Leave It Better. When we touch something - an event, a space, a partner, a client, our employees, our industry, our city, this world - we want to make sure we have helped make whatever it is we are involved with better.  A whole lot, or just a touch. 

Now, some have said we may be just a tad bit fun to work with as well.  We'll let you decide.


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