XPL Foundations


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Push each other.  Push ourselves.  Push boundaries.  Push our clients to try, to explore, to risk, to succeed. People might call us pushy.  That is just fine with us!

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Circles not Rows

It is the power of seeing those around you that unleashes understanding and energy.  Everyone is involved.  Everyone is aware.  Everyone is heard.  

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Thought Leadership

It’s not about being the best, being published or being the "only one."  Thought Leadership is about the flow that comes from sharing and collaboration, the joy of exploring and the discipline of constantly testing your ideas.

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Beginner's Mind

Those of us at XPL spend every day becoming masters at being beginners.  “In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few.”

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Long-Term Thinking

The immediate is urgent.  The long-term is important.  Sustainability of our company, our industry, our planet - and mostly our people - its what drives our decision making.