4 steps.  1 result.  Our work approach.


It is the most crucial aspect to design.  No matter how good your people are at building experiences, if they are basing it on a faulty foundation, they will never design correctly.  The Discovery process involves us fully understanding your objectives, stakeholders, audience and brand values.


Because you can't ever cut twice in live events, we always like to design twice, execute once.  Our Design phase follows discovery and brings to life the experiences we believe will deliver.  Budget parameters, visuals, spatial plans, SWOT analysis.  We work as a team with you to craft the perfect experiential blue print.


Members of your team.  Members of our team.  Paired and working together to bring the event to fruition.  We work tirelessly to ensure the design jumps seamlessly from paper to live in as stress-free an environment as possible.



From the moment we pick up the phone, we are monitoring process, decisions and results. If we cannot measure our actions, how can we expect to deliver for you.  Concurrent and post-event briefings allow us to make life better and easier each time we partner together.